January 15, 2021

DJ Fresh Alleged Rape Victim Opens Police Case

Police have confirmed that the woman who has accused two well-known Mzansi DJs of rape has opened a rape case and that the allegations are currently under investigation. 

Earlier this week, a young woman whose identity remains unknown, took to the social media platform Twitter to detail the alleged incident which took place in 2011. 

The victim apparently attended a small sit-in party in Pretoria with her friend, who was invited by one of the DJs, where she alleges the rape happened. She alleged that she, along with 3 other women, was drugged and then raped.

At the time, she was still studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce qualification at the University of Pretoria. 

Police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo has confirmed that the case has been opened and investigations are underway. 

The police have withheld names of the accused due to legal reasons, until they’ve appeared in court.

However, the accuser named the men on Twitter: DJ Fresh and Euphonik had the allegations levelled against them in a series of tweets that went viral this week. DJ Fresh has now responded – while Euphonik remains silent – and he has denied the accusations, while calling on “actual victims” of gender-based violence to lay charges and follow the legal process.