May 03, 2022

Identifying what online bullying looks like with Azoomee and DaVinci

Watch the Search It Up Episode: SHE SENT ME A POO! HOW MEAN IS THAT? On or on

Ask your kids briefly about what they think the episode might be about.  Take a few moments to discuss with them what happened in the episode. “How did Jack and Maya feel when they were being bullied?” “Did Maya and Jack feel differently even though Jack’s bullying was in real life and Maya’s bullying happened online?” Have your children discuss these queries.

  • Introduce children to the key features of bullying and write these up on a sheet of paper
  • On purpose (i.e., intent to hurt or upset, whether clear or unclear)
  • Happens more than once (i.e., repetition and sometimes a pattern of behaviour)
  • Causes harm (i.e., makes one feel alone/isolated, physical and/or emotional hurt)

Explain that we do not have all the details we need to know what happened to Maya and Jack. Using the resources that come with this Blog, your children can cut and reorganise Jack or Maya’s story.

This will help them to understand what happened to Maya and Jack but also to give the children a context to see if they can identify the features of bullying and the difference between real world bullying and online bullying.

Ask your children to look at their reorganised story. They can then assess their work to make sure that it makes sense. You may suggest your children take on roles/act out the story/read it aloud/ or take photos or videos. Ask the children if they think that what happened to Maya or Jack was bullying using the key features you wrote up on the sheet of paper at the beginning of the blog. Ask the children if there is any difference between what happened to Maya and what happened to Jack. Ensure that they recognise that the only difference was that Maya’s experience happened on a device but that the hurt caused was still the same.

Maya’s Story

On Friday Maya was messaging in the class group chat. She wanted to check who was going to Sofia’s birthday party on Saturday. People started to respond, and Maya was feeling excited.

Maya felt really embarrassed. She didn’t know what to do. She just wrote “See u all on Saturday” and left the group chat.

No one else replies to the message but Maya still felt sad and scared. She replies asking the girl why she is sending mean messages and asks her to stop.

Then Maya saw a message from one of the girls in the group that said: “What are u going 2 wear Maya? That gross brown top again? U looked like a big 💩. Some other people in the group start to respond with “LOL”. The girl sends even more messages: “Maya, people just pretend 2 like u but everyone laughs at u behind your back.” Maya felt that she was being bullied and decides to go to gran and ask for her help. On Saturday morning Maya worries about what to wear at the party. She didn’t want to wear the brown top even though she really liked it. Maya looks at her phone and, in the group, chat the same girl has written: “Who here wishes Maya wasn’t coming 2 the party?”

Jack’s Story

Jack told Robbie that he was feeling sad and asked him to stop laughing at him or ignoring him. Robbie just ran off with some other friends. At break time Jack asked Robbie if he can join in with the game he has made up. Robbie ignored him and Jack has to find someone else to play with. Jack was a little disappointed. At lunch time Jack took his robot out to the playground to play. Robbie snatched Jack’s robot and dropped it down the drain. Robbie lied to the teacher and told them it was an accident, but Jack knows he did it on purpose. Jack went home at the end of the day feeling really upset. He talked to his big sister Maya about all the mean things Robbie had done. She told him the right thing to do was to tell his Gran about it.

On Tuesday morning Jack brought his favourite robot into school to show his mates. He was feeling proud when everyone thought it was cool, but his friend Robbie didn’t say anything and just walked off. During P.E Robbie made fun of Jack because he put his t shirt on back to front. Jack felt embarrassed.

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